Who’s Behind the Heart & Soul of American Craft Spirits?


The founders of American Craft Spirits are passionate lovers of food and wine, and have traveled the

world to experience the good, the bad and the amazing in the world of wine and spirits! Though

highly focused on California wines, the founders of “ACS” have developed a knack for choosing the

very best wines and food through experience, a passion for excellence, and a deep desire to

experience the best things in life; and Food & Wine stand heads and tails above all else to the

founders of American Craft Spirits!


Executive Chef, Entrepreneur & Hospitality Expert – Steven Roberts

Steven Roberts is a certified executive chef, professionally trained hospitality expert and has created

menus and food and wine pairings, dinners and events around the world!

From receiving honors from the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, the American Culinary Federation as well as

being a cookbook co-author, a guest on the TV Food Network, and receiving accolades from Food

& Wine magazine, Steven has more than 25 years experience in all facets of all things gastronomique.

Steven has appeared on Fox News, the Today show and several local television food and wine

segments as an expert in his field. Steven remains an expert in his field, a high-profile consultant in

the industry and is constantly researching the industry for innovations, trends and world-class

products in food and wine industry!


Wine Enthusiast, Entrepreneur & Food & Wine Evangelist – Tony Roberts

Tony traveled the world at a very young age while in the military and through spending time in

countries all around the world, he not only developed a passion for food and wine, but a keen and

innate sense of wine and spirits quality, but a pallet that sets him apart from most.

If it’s true that expertise in any endeavor requires 10,000 hours of experience and repetition, Tony is

indeed an expert in his own right! A lover of life, the finer things in life, and a desire to look at wines

and spirits not only from a flavor and quality perspective, but a cultural and historical perspective

make Tony a diverse and multi-dimensional enthusiast and student within the food and wine